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Rabbits for Africa

     According to the USDA rabbits are the most healthy of all meat sources for human consumption, and are a fast easy way to raise a sustainable protein source with minimal land investment.They reproduce quickly and reach three to five pounds within twelve weeks. 

     We started experimenting with colony

 breeding in Arizona. It was very successful and we made improvements on techniques, nest boxes and ways to provide the food necessary to feed the large numbers the colony produced. We feel rabbits are an answer, in part, to the devastating loss of life due to starvation in the developing world. A large part of our program is training local people how to house, raise and care for a rabbit colony operation for their own consumption. 

   Our first colony was in South Africa.We then moved to Zambia, where we built an even larger colony.We had great success 
and the production level was very high.We will be establishing a colony training program in Ghana. We will also be working with local ministries there, as well as in the nearby villages.

​    The needs are great, but we feel we can make a difference in the lives of people and communities to alleviate hunger by producing a sustainable protein source 

through the production of rabbits.

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