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Rabbit House Plans

     These drawings are for what we call our multi-use agriculture building. It is designed to house two separate rabbit colonies and their offspring to the point of butchering.

    Included in the design is laying hens. We learned in Belize that we could combine several species under one roof thereby spreading the cost of the building over different production aspects. Each colony will have up to 25 laying hens, and the central isle way will have up to 125 laying hens. The hens will eat the same food as the rabbits. This system utilizes what would otherwise be wasted space.

     In addition to the hens, is doves. Again we are utilizing a wasted space, the upper regions of the building. The building design accommodates up to 100 breeding doves. On the back wall high up we build 100 nest boxes, and the mated doves will establish their nest box and produce many babies, that can be eaten. The best part of the dove aspect is the doves will leave the building each day and forage for their own food.  

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