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Opportunities to Volunteer

     Volunteers are welcome and anticipated during all seasons at Perfect Peace Ministries Inc. Our ministry is currently focused in Damongo, Ghana, and is impacting the lives of many adults & children. The work in Ghana is plentiful and varied, with often more work than hands to complete it! Because of this, Perfect Peace Ministries Inc. readily expresses our appreciation for the help of all the willing and joyful volunteers who are dedicating their time to further the work of the Lord.

                       Why Volunteer?

     Volunteering with Perfect Peace Ministries Inc. is a unique way to participate in the work of the Lord. Our volunteers have the experience of working and fellowshipping with Christian believers in a culture they are not accustomed to.

You will find it a joy and a privilege to serve with a ministry whose focus is to see the Gospel of Christ spread to others in need of salvation. You will also find it rewarding to know part of the work you will be doing will help provide sustainable protein through the different agricultural projects we are doing.Throughout your time with us, you will have the opportunity to pray for, encourage and work alongside Ghanaian christians.

  Individuals,Work Groups,Church Groups 

                & Spring Break Groups

     Work groups are welcome throughout the year. Groups of any size can find plenty of work to accomplish during their time with us, and serving together often builds group unity. Churches, youth groups, schools and other organizations interested in getting involved with the ministry of the Lord, and working together on a common project, should contact Perfect Peace Ministries Inc. for further details on how to get involved.


           Gap Year / One Year Volunteer

     Overseas volunteering is a unique opportunity to give your time to serving others while getting to experience the African culture. You will interact with and be blessed by the staff and people you will be working with and serving. Many people—high school graduate age, college age, and professionals—are choosing to have a Gap Year between school and job placement.The individuals that do volunteer for the one year program find it changes their complete outlook on life, and also realize how much they have grown over the year. 

     We appreciate your interest in the Gap (One) Year Missionary Program we offer, and hope you will partner with us.

     The requirements for serving with us overseas includes: 

completing the volunteer application, agreeing with our Doctrine of Belief, obtaining a passport, and raising adequate support to cover transportation to and from Ghana and covering room and board for the time you are with us.

Adult Mission Trip


       If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime this is what you are looking for. This is not a ministry for the faint of heart as conditions can be difficult. Although the conditions are challenging, the rewards are abundant. Projects vary from time to time and are based on need and available resources. Please contact us to get specific project information and to find out what would be required of you should you choose to be a part of our team. 

    We would ask you to carefully and prayerfully consider serving in this capacity. There will be ample opportunities to share the Gospel and to love and interact with children, and other adults. You will also have the opportunity to visit a local church and school. The Ghanaian people will welcome you with cheerful smiles that will engrave a lasting image on your heart.   Please prayerfully consider being a part of our team serving on an adult mission trip. 


    Volunteers are ordinary people willing to commit their time to join the Lord’s extraordinary work! We ask that our volunteers be born-again Christians with the ability to work well with others and to serve with a servant’s attitude. All volunteers, aside from those coming as part of a work group, should be mature adults, 20 years or older.

Volunteering overseas can be difficult and often hard due to cultural differences combined with food you will not be accustomed to. We do need your help and we are grateful for all those willing to come and serve, however, we maintain the policy that if you do not want to work, you should not come.

God has blessed the efforts of all of our volunteers in the past, and it would be our joy to see Him work through you.

                   We look forward to hearing from you!

Yahoo! What a great job we have done for the Lord. Pre-teens making a difference, and serving at the same time

One year volunteer Ashley helping out with lawn maintenance.

A work team of pre-teen youth pour sidewalks one wheel barrow at a time.

One year volunteer Norman helping out with some plumbing repairs.

Two willing young girls serving the Lord.


Two willing servants sewing and making curtains for our mission base in Belize. 

The finished product

© 2017 Perfect Peace Ministries Inc. 

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