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General Information about Rabbits

       Colony breeding is the process where there are multiple breeding rabbits in a confined space. In this case a 10’ x 10’ room with concrete walls & floors to keep the rabbits in and other animals out (i.e. rats, snakes, ferrel cats; anything that would harm them).


    In-ground concrete nest boxes need to be built so the does (female rabbits) can raise their babies. Our design, which has the nest boxes made of concrete and underground, have several reasons. First: Underground because that is the rabbit’s natural way of nesting. Second: Underground provides a cooler/warmer climate for the newborn babies. Third: The does will mark the opening of the nest box with their scent to let other does know they are not welcome there. Fourth: It provides a way for the does to get away from their growing babies (babies will not venture out of the nest box for at least two weeks). Fifth: It frees up space above ground that would otherwise be taken up with nest boxes laying around. Sixth: The concrete walls of the nest box and tunnel prevents the does from digging out and escaping the colony building.


    The underground nest boxes should be built in-ground along each of the four walls. The viewing door and the rabbit’s entry door into the nest box should be at least three inches above the floor to prevent any water or unwanted materials getting into the nest box. 

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