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Ghana, Africa Pure Ministries

     Sammy Tia is a man after God's own heart and we were blessed to get to know him while we were in Ghana. A man of no formal education but a powerhouse of love for God and His will, with an earnest desire to reach everyone around him for Jesus. To provide for children, widows, and orphans through any means available. He raises pigs, doves, rice, vegetables, and maize to finance his ministry, often doing without so others won't have to. He is now our ministry partner in Ghana, and together we are serving the cause of Christ. With the establishment of Africa Pure Ministries, the scope of the work has grown exponentially. We have established three areas of ministry involvement. Damongo, Yapei, and Wale Wale. Each area has its focus in agriculture, and ministry recipients. All cater to the advancement and provisions of our primary and secondary goals. First to provide sustenance through regular meals, and assist youth in career opportunities through internships.

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